The Rise of Blind Phoenix

Chris Daniels talking with James Kylen and Michael Filippone about one of the tracks.

The Rise of Blind Phoenix

As many bands do, Blind Phoenix started by accident. Chris Daniels and his wife Kim own a great little restaurant, The Silos, along the coast in North Carolina, and Rebekkah Hilgraves was in town helping a family member. She wandered in to the restaurant one night after a neighbor told her that there was a regular open mic night every Wednesday. They sat together, planned a couple of tunes and had a blast singing together the first time.

Chris Daniels talking with James Kylen and Michael Filippone about one of the tracks for the new album Truth or Dare during a recording session.

Rebekkah kept visiting, got inspired to write a couple of songs, and an idea was born — let’s turn this into a Real Thing, and record an album. Over the next several months, both saddened and inspired by life events, more songs came to life. They planned recording sessions in Asheville, at White Horse Black Mountain and RadHaus. Truth or Dare was the result, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Chris Daniels is a singer-songwriter from the inner banks of North Carolina. He has been writing and performing professionally since the age of 15. His experience has ranged from his beginnings in his rock band to a solo guitar, and lyricist.  

Now he concentrates on large endeavors including concert promotion, sound engineering, and most recently the creator of the annual SilosPalooza music festival. 

This collaboration with Rebekkah Hilgraves showcases the best of his nearly 40 years in the industry.  Together they compose lyrics, tell life stories through their songs, and play some damn good music. 

Image of Bekkah Hilgraves singing to three microphones during a recent recording session
Rebekkah singing into three microphones during a recording session for Truth or Dare.

Rebekkah Hilgraves is a long-time performer, starting out by sitting in with her father, the late George Graves, who performed and recorded with Warner Brothers records and under his own production for many years. She went on to study classical music and opera, and performed around the country until a couple of injuries took her off the field. Since then, she has gone back to her roots in Americana and classic rock, making songs with Chris and the rest of the Blind Phoenix gang.

We hope you let our passion for music fill your heart and soul. 

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