First recording session – “I think that’s a wrap.”

Chris Daniels talking with James Kylen and Michael Filippone about one of the tracks.

YOU GUYS!!!! We had SUCH a great time in the first sessions, tracking the rhythm section for the album. We had expected only to get two or three of them done, but we got seven of them!! Our recording engineer, Claire Hoke, rocked the setup, and we all managed to have a great time even while working our asses off.

So our brilliant mixing engineer, Vanessa Silberman, is working on balancing out the mixes and getting them ready for the next step, which is to layer in vocals, percussion, guitars, and other instruments.

We’ll be back at White Horse Black Mountain again in February to record the remaining three songs, and then work on the overdubs during the weeks around that.

Session pics from our fabulous photographer,
Justin Wood ( on FB and IG)

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